I'm trying to build lakeFS locally and getting an ...
# help
I'm trying to build lakeFS locally and getting an error in
make test
. I've logged an issue here - LMK if I can add any more details to help 🙂
Hey @Robin Moffatt ! Thanks for reporting this issue. Do you mind adding some information on your local tech stack environment to the issue? (e.g Operating System, go version, npm version, etc)
thank you… I’m trying to reproduce myself right now, will keep you posted
well, locally I couldn’t reproduce (
make test
passes). I am running earlier versions of OS, Go, Maven and NPM compared to you, I’m not sure it’s the problem though (as you managed to run the tests separately)
I wonder, is this consistent? every run of
make test
fails on the same test?
yes, I've run it 4-5 times each
ok, managed to reproduce. now I’ll try to fix it 🙂
@Robin Moffatt for some reason, running the make clean before the build and test fails the tests
if I just run make build and make test afterwards, it works
can you check?
Probably because make test doesn't trigger gen step. The go compiler tries to download a package which is missing, because it is part of the generated files.
It works in the CI because we made a shortcut there to skip the UI build and just test the Go code. But running it locally without the shortcut will fail.
can fix it tomorrow