hello I want to create role based policies to rest...
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hello I want to create role based policies to restrict users in specific group to certain projects. So for example I have multiple users working on project A I want them to only modify repo A while other users working on project B only able to modify B. Do I need to create developer policy for each repo A and B and attach them to group A and group B or does someone have a smarter way
Hi @mohamed islam, role based access control is a lakeFS cloud feature. You can learn more about it here
The OSS supports access control lists as described here
@mohamed islam btw you can try lakeFS cloud for free for 30 days
Hi. Do I understand correctly, that there is no way in the open-source version to restrict a group of users to read data in a particular repository? As in: give read rights only to some of the users on not to others?
That is correct. Since this is open source, you can develop what you need. The interfaces are there. Here is the documenattion of what the OSS supports out of the box: https://docs.lakefs.io/reference/security/access-control-lists.html