Hello everyone, I have installed the lakeFs on the...
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Hello everyone, I have installed the lakeFs on the EC2 instance. Because, this instance was relying on IAM EC2 role to give access to other machines to specific resources. We don't have the credential file at ~/.aws/credentials. After running, I saw some error below: FailedRead: Unable to open file caused by: open /home/user/user1/.aws/credential : no such file or directory. I think this error related to the configuration with blockstore.s3.credential* prefix. I just didn't set them. Does anyone have an alternate solution or configuration for this? @Robin Moffatt @Amit Kesarwani @einat.orr
Hi @Chinhvu, Welcome to the lake! If you need to install on AWS, a good how-to is https://docs.lakefs.io/deploy/aws.html. It covers running on EC2. We'd really like to help with your current installation, but I'm afraid we'll probably need some more information. To speed everything up, could you please share: • Logs from running lakeFS, both before and after the error message? • Your lakeFS configuration file? Please make sure to remove all secrets from it, of course!