Time for another lakeFS pro-tip: lakectl abuse! :h...
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Time for another lakeFS pro-tip: lakectl abuse! 🥵 lakectl (the lakeFS command line client) comes with a set of commands whose sole purpose is to abuse your lakeFS installation :) This is great for sizing and scaling a lakeFS installation! In the example below, we're running the
abuse scenario against a lakeFS repository and branch: running with 1,000 concurrent writers, we're able to achieve ~50,000 objects/second written to our branch, with p90 latency below 50ms. Not bad for a single node installation ☺️ Other useful subcommands are
lakectl abuse random-read
for testing read throughput and performance - and
lakectl abuse create-branches
which would create as many branches is it can (I got ~7,000 branches/second created!)
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