Any idea why I've got a null object appearing here...
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Any idea why I've got a null object appearing here?
it only appears after deleting the
Could this be a directory marker? some tools would write a file that technically has an empty "base name" i.e.
PutObject <lakefs://using-r-with-lakefs/dev2/nyc/>
that has no content, to mark a directory..
poking around the code I saw this comment
Parent may be implicitly deleted if it became empty, recreate it
However, it won't be empty because there's the
file that I've added at the same time
I agree with @Oz Katz: directory markers on S3 are a mess. They may well be behind this as well, empty directory or not. I think you might be running into this issue.
Thanks both. Tested this and confirmed that it's the
that's creating the empty file. I've added a note to the issue that @Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov) found.
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