Release of lakeFS v0.55.0

We are glad to announce the release of the lakeFS v0.55.0 . In this release, there are 3 new features :sparkles:, 3 enhancements and 1 bug fix :bug:. Details below :arrow_down:

What’s New?
:sparkles: lakeFS branches with DBT (#2680)
You can now easily create a dbt project branch using the lakectl dbt branch command. This will automatically create a fully isolated environment similar to any other branch created in lakeFS.
If you are interested in more details about the implementation. The lakectl dbt create-branch-schema command will execute behind the scenes:

  1. Create a new schema in the Hive metastore and point the new schema to a new branch that was previously created in lakeFS.
  2. List all dbt tables in the project.
  3. Create and Copy all tables from the original schema to the new schema created in step 1.
  4. Build all views in the new schema.

:sparkles: View content and size diff between two objects (#2685)
Until now, lakeFS displayed a list of objects changed between branches, on commits and for uncommitted changes. lakeFS now also display content changes within readable objects such as CSV, TSV, and TXT files up to 120KB. For non-readable objects, lakeFS will display the change in size. The change is presented graphically with color-coding, highlighting the difference in the content.

:sparkles: View tags in objects, compare and other views (#2670)
lakeFS makes another step in making your data lake behave like a git repository. You can now view objects in the context of a tag you created, for example view your production branch state at the time of a release.


  • Remove the lakefs diagnose command (#2693)
  • Add request ID fields to all DB and auth logs (#2683)
  • Add an s3 block adapter configuration parameter to disable bucket’s region discovery, if you are using MinIO - check this out (#2705)

Bug Fixes
:bug: Make lakectl provide meaningful information and exit code in case of a merge conflict (#2700,#2706; Fixes:#2699)