Release of lakeFS v0.54.0

We are glad to announce the release of the lakeFS v0.54.0. In this release there are 6 new features :sparkles: and 3 bug fixes :bug:. Details below :arrow_down:

New Features:
:sparkles: Present commit history for a specific file or prefix
:sparkles: Support S3 API copy-object across buckets
:sparkles: Add copy-schema to lakectl metastore commands
:sparkles: UI: New Tags tab
:sparkles: UI: Add docs link to Setup, Create repository, Branches, and Admin pages
:sparkles: UI: Unifying 3 views into one in uncommitted/compare/commit components

Bug Fixes:
:bug: Multipart upload content verification failed on S3 encrypted bucket
:bug: Fix branch creation concurrency bug
:bug: Fix login button required two logins to pass