Meet a lakeFS open source contributor Sumesh Kanayi

Meet one of the lakeFS contributors — Sumesh Kanayi! Below Sumesh answers a few of our questions and tells the story about his contributions to the open source project lakeFS .


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your profile, current position, what are you doing?
A: I am Sumesh. I work for IQVIA and lead the DevOps practices there. I love open source. Linux, Golang are my favourites.

Q: How you came across lakeFS? What attracted you? What were you willing to do with it?
A: I have been playing around with lots of data frameworks (both legacy and modern) lately and was looking for an easy open solution which can:

  1. Version data
  2. Bridge between legacy data stores to AWS S3-like APIs

and I found lakeFS in GitHub.

Q: Tell us a bit about your contribution. What urged and motivated you to contribute?
A: I have been using Manta for some time and love its simplicity and redundancy in addition to all its powerful capabilities. The negatives being not having a native S3 API/bucket support, not having good UI etc. I went ahead and wrote a custom backend adapter to read and write files to Manta using lakeFS. Now I have power of Manta + beautiful S3 API support + last but not the least, I can create different versions of data. Thanks to the great team. lakeFS team was there whenever I had a question on a feature or even with a code block. I was super happy with the response as well as the support provided by every one in the lakeFS community Slack workspace.

Q: Anything you wish to the lakeFS project for the future?
A: Yes, especially in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) areas. A Terraform provider would be my first priority.

Q: If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.
A: There are few areas related to GxP compliance I think the project should focus on. I saw few issues already raised and team already working on it etc. Having those issues fixed will certainly boost the project to be adopted by more and more enterprises and I am sure everyone will love it.

Thanks Sumesh for all your contributions and honest words! Using this opportunity we invite everyone to have a look at lakeFS repository, try it out and maybe even contribute to the project!

You can connect with Sumesh in our lakeFS community slack, LinkedIn, and Twitter.