lakeFS v0.62.0 Release

lakeFS v0.62.0 has been released!


This release requires running database migration.
The lakeFS service will not run if the migration version isn’t compatible with the binary.
Before running the new version you will be required to run migrate, with the new version:

$ lakefs migrate up



  • Update commit ref to commit URI for lakectl tag create command (#3017)
  • lakectl annotate now defaults to a non-recursive listing (#3001)
  • lakectl doctor command improvements. Part of #3002 (#3023)
  • Don’t show GetStarted for empty commit (#3041)

Bug fixes:

  • lakectl annotate output has superfluous spaces and blank lines (#3007)
  • Fixing restore refs performance issues for old commit dups without “generation” field (#3011)
  • lakectl config now hides secret access key (#3039)