Is it possible to rename repositories? I was not a...
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Is it possible to rename repositories? I was not able to do that via the ui
Hi @Jonas, You cannot currently rename repositories in lakeFS. You can of course delete and recreate the repo with you preferred name…
That's not really an option since we would lose their history doing so, don't we?
it is possible to export the repository's commit history, branches and pretty much everything except for uncommitted changes into the repository's storage namespace, and then import it from a new repository
jumping lakefs 1
basically, do: 1.
lakectl refs-dump
(see docs) 2. create a bare repository that has no initial branch or commit (see docs) using the same storage namespace as the original repository 3. `lakectl refs-restore` (see docs) on the new bare repo, to restore the branches, commits, etc. 4. test and make sure everything works 5. delete the original repository 🙂 6. win
Ah that looks great! Thank you! 🙂