Hi Team, I am working on an <issue>. In the github...
# dev
Hi Team, I am working on an issue. In the github Provider are we not creating Airflow for testing the action ? In the below code where will this DAG run? I can’t see airflow env creation in the above provider.yaml?
- name: Run lakeFS DAG
run: |
cd astro
astro dev run connections add conn_lakefs --conn-type=HTTP --conn-host=<> --conn-extra='{"access_key_id":"${{ env.KEY }}","secret_access_key":"${{ env.SECRET }}"}'
astro dev run dags unpause lakeFS_workflow
astro dev run dags trigger lakeFS_workflow
sleep 30
Hi @Vaibhav Kumar! I think that this line starts an Airflow instance. Does that help? If you post a PR, I will read it and run tests on it!
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ok , so astro comes up with default airflow?
Yeah, AFAIU it's some weird development wrapper that Astronomer provide. It brings up Airflow in some bunch of containers.
I think this essentially implements these instructions from the Astronomer website.
@Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov) I have raised the below PR https://github.com/treeverse/airflow-provider-lakeFS/pull/48 Please review it
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@Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov) I have made all the changes requested by you. Kindly review it.