Ankit Srinivas

02/13/2023, 4:17 PM
Happy Monday <!channel>! We got any awesome week filled with events and some cool updates! :jumping-lakefs: 📖 Did you know that lakeFS Cloud offers Audit Logs for compliance, operational stability, monitoring access, activities and security analysis! • Audit Logs are Now Available in lakeFS CloudHow PAIGE.AI Used lakeFS and Revolutionized AI-powered Cancer DiagnosisData Lake Governance at Scale with lakeFS :virtual-meeting: We got a week full of packed event that you don't want to miss out on! • Develop Spark Pipelines Against Production Data - Wednesday, Feb 15th (Webinar) • Kafka and lakeFS: Deep Dive into Data Infrastructure - Thursday. Feb 16th (SF - In person) • CI/CD for Data - Building Data Development Environment with lakeFS - Wednesday, Feb 15th (ScyllaDB Summit) • Chaos Engineering and How to Manage Data Stages in Large-Scale Complex Data Flow - Wednesday, Feb 15th (Developer Week Conference) 💻 Finally, we can't complete the update without some lakeFS technical releases: • lakeFS v0.93.0 released! 🆕 What's new: • Export gob binary format registration to allow external services to use auth.Claims (#5184) • Add copy URI button to objects navigator in web UI (#5185) • Configure web UI login URLs and details dynamically (#5093) • Enable configurable logout URL in the UI (#5203) • Add an exchange refs option to web UI compare view (#5200) 🐛 Bugs fixed: • Fix broken "compare" link in web UI import wizard (#5189) • KV postgres: use advisory lock when creating tables during initial setup (#5193)
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