01/18/2023, 10:19 PM
Zhamak Dehghani, announced her company - that offers data-mesh-native platform. Data mesh, for me, has always been a concept/idea and I struggle to understand how I could leverage it as a data engineer. Curious to see how the concept evolves into a platform/product🤞🏼 She says,
Our vision is to build a world where AI/ML and analytics are powered by decentralized, responsible, and equitable data ownership, across boundaries of organizations, technology, and most importantly boundaries of trust.

Our purpose is to change the experience of creating, sharing, discovering, and using data forever, to be connected, fast, and fair based on data mesh principles.

Our technology is designed to empower data developers, users and owners with a delightful experience where data products are a first-class primitive, with trust built-in.

We are here to accept the reality, that the world of data is complex and messy; data models are out-of-date the moment they are created; data is owned across trust boundaries; data is stored on different platforms; data is used in many different modes and most importantly data can't protect itself. We are here to recognize that past approaches to tackle these complexities with centralized data collection, modeling and governance are ineffective at best and pathologically unfair at worst. We are here to reimagine, with you.
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