Adi Polak

01/05/2023, 10:14 AM
2022 has been a thrilling year at lakeFS, quite a rollercoaster ride! 🎢 The data engineering industry has transformed and become increasingly central to any data-driven organization. 💡 Many of us invested time in learning and connecting with our peers to learn all new things, create worldwide industry standards, and push the boundaries of what data can do for us. 💪 We took a moment to reflect on the incredible contributions we’ve made together with the lakeFS community, over the past year. Here are a few highlights : 3100 stars on Github! 1k+ users in our Slack community 40+ events we attended and spoke at year 1600 people registered to our CI/CD for data course with O’Reilly 25 articles on using lakeFS created by our community Read the full recap for more details and learn more about in 2023 👇
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