Josh Gallant

12/13/2022, 7:35 PM
Anyone know of any students who would be interested in a Data Analyst Internship? It would be on the DataOps team which I am the Senior DataOps Engineer. We’re building some fun stuff with telemetry data from sensors on agricultural machinery while feeding the world. It would be an amazing opportunity to work on a diverse team of data professionals using binary telemetry data that is fed through a pipeline using Python/JSON, then converted to a SQL tabular model, before being ingested into data visualizations using a variety of visualization methods including Python+Bokeh. Our lead, Mitch Machacek, comes from a background of architecting Product Verification data ecosystems with an Engineering Degree in Engineering Physics from one of Canada’s top Engineering schools. Our Product Owner/Software Engineer, Tim Patton, comes from a background in test and automation engineering with a Computer Science Degree from Loyola University and a love of auto mechanics, and the heart of a volunteer. Our Software Engineer, Roman Shikov, comes from a background of both being a Software Engineer and a Database Manager with a CIS/InfoSec Degree from Towson University and is a well-traveled and cultured multilinguist. Our Data Analyst, Alex Zhang, comes from a background of being a Microbiology Professor and Research Fellow at both John Hopkins and Vanderbilt University with a Ph.D. from South Dakota State in the same and has microbiology patents and publications in his name. Oh, and the intern would also get to work with our team schlub. ahem me ahem If you know of anyone interested they can connect with me on LinkedIn, or email me directly @
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We're getting a ton of interest in this position. We will not be conducting any new interviews until the New Year, but feel free to encourage anyone to apply. They get screened by HR, before they reach my team.
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Adi Polak

12/13/2022, 8:26 PM
Josh - thank YOU for sharing. I know many people would greatly benefit from such opportunity. the data industry is a great one to be part of 🙌

Josh Gallant

12/13/2022, 8:33 PM
@Adi Polak, as I mentioned to @Ankit Srinivas, CNH Industrial is a multinational corporation, so we have opportunities worldwide. North America, LATAM, Australia, Europe, India. Lots of opportunities whether community members are a future expert, or already an expert, so if you know anyone looking for a job with a practically recession proof industry while feeding the world, encourage them to look at our website. They can also connect with me on LinkedIn, and in at least the case of the NA jobs I can attach a referral to get them close to the top of HR's screening pile by sending them a special link to apply through my work email if they let me know which job before they apply.
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