Omkar Patil

11/30/2022, 1:01 PM
Hi Everyone! I want to bootstrap my LakeFS instance programmatically in Java. I don't want to install LakeFS before but when I run my application it should bootstrap LakeFS instance and I should able to do all the operations. Is it possible in Java?? Please advice . Thank you

Barak Amar

11/30/2022, 1:09 PM
Hi Omkar, it should be done like other services you can bootstrap from you current Java stack. If for example you did something like that with a database server or other services. A quick way to enable it will probably work using containers as it will capture everything lakeFS requires and you communicate with an API with the instance your application started. Alternative, will be just to execute the binary passing the right configuration using environment variables or already made configuration file.
I wonder about the use-case, how you run your java application or service/services? If you have other service in your stack, how do you bootstrap it? it will probably be good for lakeFS too.