Daniel Satubi

02/23/2022, 8:55 AM
Hi Good Morning Tal! • since we fail the diff we are not doing the merge but previously when we received those timeouts it happened both in merge/diff • we increased the timeframe from of the app from 3 years to 10 years, 1 file per day in both cases •
refsApi.diffRefs(repositoryName, branchName, sourceBranchName, offset, batchSize, prefix, null, null, null);
◦ branchName is the current app branch ◦ sourceBranchName is “main” ◦ batchSize = 1000 ◦ prefix =
• we are branching from main when we start an app, write the new data (override previous data) and commit it to branch and then diff our branch with main to see if someone else wrote something to the files we changed (prefix) how can we verify we are using the 100GB cache? what is the measure for long operations (num of files, size of files)? Thanks 🙂
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@Ori Adijes