hey folks, is there a way to create a commit witho...
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hey folks, is there a way to create a commit without any changes, similar to git's
option? we're ingesting third-party data into lakefs and making a daily commit; it would be helpful to commit even without changes so that history shows there were no new files that day
hey @Sander Hartlage ! thanks for explaining the use case, let me check that for you
@Sander Hartlage digging a little deeper, the commit requires files to change in order to execute
you can use tags to point to a specific commit without adding new files, but that doesn't support your usecase
you could modify a single file (i.e updated_at) which will contain the timestamp, this will let you commit as you provide the command least one file
does this support your use-case?
yeah, that should work great
that's probably an even better solution that allowing empty commits
every time i've had to use
was because i was doing something crazy
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happy to hear that
let me know if there's anything else we can help with
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An option to allow empty commits would have been useful for me, too. The upcoming LakeFSOutputCommitter has to perform commits; having to special-case this (and similar things when merging no changes) is a pain... That will probably lead to more special area in downstream automated applications. I am not sure why we block these commits. They can help with any automated process. For instance if I have gc enabled, I might want a daily commit on my trunk so I can always see data from the last 2 weeks + 1 commit. But I cannot have it if there is no new data.