10/19/2022, 12:57 PM
Hi everyone, we are trying to integrate LakeFS with SQL Server 2022 Polybase feature. SQL 2022 is now supporting s3 compatible endpoints so it should work with LakeFS. The thing is that TLS is required. Any idea how to make the LakeFS endpoint SSL enabled? I was not able to find such doc in the LakeFS website. Thanks

Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov)

10/19/2022, 1:07 PM
Hi @MounirB, Wow, that sounds like a really cool integration. You're right, there is no current support for S3 encryption for the S3 gateway. You could of course put some TLS forward proxy in front of the lakeFS S3 gateway. Indeed, this is what a typical cloud lakeFS deployment looks like (it's certainly how lakeFS Cloud and lakeFS Playground do things). If you're on K8s it might be easier to deploy lakeFS with the Helm chart, and then add nginx or another ingress controller. You might start by using demo.lakefs.io, just to see that everything else works! Also please feel free to open an issue -- it might help us gauge support for this feature from other users.


10/19/2022, 1:09 PM
Excellent, thanks @Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov)
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