There are 3 ways to <import data to lakeFS> withou...
# dev
There are 3 ways to import data to lakeFS without copying it. 1.
lakefs import ...
lakectl ingest ...
3. UI Import. While the
lakefs import
was the first & only option to import data to lakeFS, it is still tricky to configure - you need to setup the inventory, run the lakeFS binary with the same configuration as in your production containers therefore requiring admin access and more. It’s also only available for S3. My assumption that options 2&3 covers all import use-cases when it comes to scale and ease of use. I think it’s time that we deprecate the
lakefs import
for a more consistent import experience and the chance of simplifying onboarding flows. Any lakeFS importers out there that still use that import option? If so, any reason for not switching to the (better) alternatives?
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Tracking this under 4323