Alok Anand

09/28/2022, 2:44 PM
what are the organizations who has already adopted LakeFs in their system.

Ankit Srinivas

09/28/2022, 3:05 PM
Hey Alok! We have hundreds of happy lakeFS users who installed and use lakeFS in their production systems. The main 3 cases that steamed from conversations with our users are: 1 - Isolated test environment - organizations that adopted lakeFS for enabling a zero-copy, isolated test environment of their data. They can verify their code on full-blown production data complexity. And by doing so developing the confidence in their software before pushing to production. 2 - Reproducibility - data practitioners often need to reproduce their data state at a specific time. lakeFS branching mechanism helps them do exactly that. 3 - Rollback - when our production data becomes corrupted, or if we accidentally delete our production data, either automatically with a retention job or manually during troubleshooting, we wish to roll back to a stable data state. lakeFS enables us to do exactly that. Some of the folks even wrote and talked about how lakeFS is a critical piece in their data platform: Winward - a company which built Maritime AI to map the ocean and provide real time risk management, they are using lakeFS for a full blown CI/CD for production data as you can read from their article. Very sophisticated solution. Enables them to promote data in between production stages and create quality gates. Epcor built a similar solution as well. Read about it in their case study. Similarweb - provides top notch web analytics services, they adopted lakeFS to create a complete testing environment where their engineers can develop full confidence in their code before pushing to producing and computing 10s of PB. Here are more case studies for inspiration - ā€¢ - reproduce cancer diagnostics and research. ā€¢ Karius - using lakeFS to comply with FDA regulations for the disease diagnostic studies. Volvo is also a lakeFS user, who wrote and talked about how they adopted lakeFS as an essential piece in the MLOps - you are welcome to watch their


- on min 15 they discuss why having lakeFS as their data versioning engine is critical for their success. And many more. I hope this inspires you and provide you with more context related to lakeFS, please let me know how I can help!
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Alok Anand

09/29/2022, 5:17 AM
Thanks @Ankit Srinivas for the details description. šŸ™‚