Hi everyone, I'd like to start working on the conv...
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Hi everyone, I'd like to start working on the conversion of the lakeFS webui to TypeScript I believe that as the code base grows, TS's value will hugely outweigh it's drawbacks IMHO it will also make contributing to the lakeFS UI much simpler I'll commit to migrating all of our existing code base, so we don't need to start with a lax
, which will require additional refactoring in the future Any feedback is welcome! Thoughts?
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Another positive for TS: jest + native ESM support is still WIP, so working with jest and vite requires additional packages and additional config However, both jest and vite support TS natively, which makes the whole thing a non-issue
Not a fan of transpilation - I know tc39 is not there yet and the value of types when you write code. TLDR I can live with typescript as I live with javascript. With typescript you will be always 'one step back' and wait for something because you are using something that is above something else. Don't have access to new language features until it is supported in typescript, don't have library support in typescript, linter doesn't support typescript and etc. People who know typescript, usually know javascript but not the other way around. So you are paying with extra stage (transplit), extra code and learning to have compile time checks. If must of the bugs are there - go for it.
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