Ankit Srinivas

09/19/2022, 5:57 PM
Happy Monday! Let's kick off the week with some lakeFS updates! :jumping-lakefs: 📖 All businesses want to leverage their data to the hilt to make better-informed decisions that accelerate their success. But with the volume, velocity, and variety of data growing exponentially, this has become ever more challenging. • How Epcor Built CI/CD for Data PipelinesHow PAIGE.AI Used lakeFS and Revolutionized AI-powered Cancer Diagnosis :virtual-meeting: Did you know that we are everywhere?!?! Checkout our latests events: • Develop Spark ETL pipelines with no risk against production data - Sept 22th • Big Data Engineering Meetup - Sept 21th ✈️ And our team will be at the Big Data Conference in London to give some pretty cool talks!👀Panel Debate: Rise of Data Engineer - Sept 22nd • CI/CD for Data - Building data development environments with open source stacks - Sept 22nd 💻 Finally, we can't complete the update without some lakeFS technical releases: • lakeFS v0.81.1 😒unglasses_lakefs:lakeFS v0.81.0 What's new: • Run standalone lakeFS (no PostgreSQL!) with Badger KV for experimentation purposes. • Add delete operation for GC rules (#4143) • Support AWS named profile for dynamodb (#4163) • Add pgxpool metrics to kv/postgres implementation (#4137) Bug fixes: • Fix: Pyramid delete before open (#4062) • Fix local settings command (#4200)
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Adi Polak

09/19/2022, 6:28 PM
If you are finding yourself in London during Sep 20 - 22 , don't be shy, come to say hey at the lakeFS booth!