Itai Admi

Itai Admi

09/18/2022, 7:40 AM
We have a lot of goodies waiting to be released in v0.81.0. I want to start a release soon, should I wait for anything? Some of the features/bugs:
- Fix: Pyramid delete before open (#4062)
- Lookup commit when possible while commit prefix search (#4154)
- support aws named profile for dynamodb (#4163)
- s3 block adapter: enable skip verify certificate of storage endpoint (#4117)
- DB Cleanup (#4160)
- Add pgxpool metrics to kv/postgres implementation (#4137)
- Feature/badger as kv (#4166)
Barak Amar

Barak Amar

09/18/2022, 7:42 AM
yes please, small improvement to graveler delete
Itai Admi

Itai Admi

09/18/2022, 7:43 AM
Do you have a PR for it?