Hi All, I'd like to understand the usage of lakeFS...
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Hi All, I'd like to understand the usage of lakeFS StageObject API (*PUT*/repositories/{repository}/branches/{branch}/objects). Specifically if there are any usecases which provide a physical address which is inside the repository storage namespace. We are in the works of adding a garbage collection process for uncommitted data and considering allowing this API only on physical addresses which are outside the repository namespace
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Perhaps the lakeFS Hadoop Filesystem is using that API?
@Niro the lakeFS HadoopFS uses linkPhysicalAddress - which AFAIK is almost the same and is going to be unified with Stageobject
The intention is to allow LinkPhysicalAddress only on previously issued addresses via GetPhysicalAddress. I'm wondering if there's another different usecase for StageObject
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AFAIK ingest uses StageObject outside of a received address. This is a feature that has seen real use, e.g. we saw someone ingesting data into the playground!
(I know because they opened a bug that involved granting the playground some fairly subtle S3 permissions)