Hi lakeFSers, Wanted to have your input on somethi...
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Hi lakeFSers, Wanted to have your input on something: We are currently planning the KV migration procedure. As part of the migration, the lakeFS database configuration parameters change. We added a new section per driver type with its own configuration. The current flow requires the users to copy the postgres configuration into a designated 'postgres' section in the database configuration section, perform the migration and afterwards delete the old configuration parameters. A concern was raised that this might cause user friction, so it was suggested that we take the parameters from the old path and issue a deprecation warning, and remove these configuration paths in a future version. Another approach says that we already require the user to update the configuration (Need to specify the database 'type' in the configuration)
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I believe lakeFS already has a mechanism to inform users via the UI. for production deployments, issuing a warning in the log might not help because no human eyes will ever see it unless there's an issue.. I suggest checking if the the new setting is in place and if not, warn in the UI. we can enforce it in the consecutive non-patch version.
my take.. happy to hear other thoughts