Ankit Srinivas

08/08/2022, 7:42 PM
Happy Monday lakeFSers! :jumping-lakefs: 📖 We got some content coming your way! Let's start off with some recent blog posts: • Data Products: The Definitive GuideData versioning as your ‘Get out of jail’ card – DVC vs. Git-LFS vs. dolt vs. lakeFS :virtual-meeting: Did you know that lakeFS is hosting its first meetup in SF? 😲State of Data Engineering meetup - Sept 9th ✈️ And our team will be at the Big Data Conference in London to give some pretty cool talks!👀Panel Debate: Rise of Data Engineer - @Adi Polak Sept 22nd • CI/CD for Data - Building data development environments with open source stacks - @Vino Sept 22nd 💻 Finally, we can't complete the update without some lakeFS technical releases: • lakeFS v0.70.0 released 😒unglasses_lakefs: What’s new: • Allow OIDC as default login (#3617) • Launch a repository with Spark capabilities (#3792) • [GC] Respect Hadoop AWS access key configuration in S3Client (#3762) • Make GC read the expired addresses CSV from Azure blob (#3654) • Display README file if available (#3761) Bug fixes: • Fixed diff-viewer version by using a known fork (#3680) • Fix cache in auth service api (#3354)
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