I am trying to use our https Lakefs url but keep g...
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I am trying to use our https Lakefs url but keep getting this, `verify failed, unable to get local issuer certificate a`ny ideas?
It probably means your client can't validate the SSL certificate of the server it's trying to connect to. Which client to use? I would recommend loading a TLS config that contains a certificate to your server to the client you use.
I got it working in one, but in another compute I can't import the certificate yet, For the time being I want to disable SSL, but cliënt.config.ssl_verify = False does not seem to work? If completely ignores it and still verifies in the Lakefs cliënt
Any ideas here on how to permanently disable it for the time being?
Strange. It should ignore it obviously. Which client do you use?
The python sdk client
Do I need to make an issue here? Seems like a bug
I am highly confused there are 3 libraries, lakefs-sdk, LakeFS-client and Lakefs..
I am using lakefs the high level one
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Can you please send me the full code you use? Maybe the configuration wasn't loaded properly? Two other alternatives for fast verification: 1. Use environment variables like this-
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os.environ['CURL_CA_BUNDLE'] = ''
2. Use python http client instead of lakeFS with
I can't open slack on my laptop, so I'll type it out: CLT= cliënt(host=host, username=username,password=password) CLT.config.verify_ssl=False
Could you please send me the code that you ran but didn't work?
A complete working example should be something like this:
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import lakefs
from lakefs.client import Client

clt = Client(
clt.config.verify_ssl= False

repo = lakefs.Repository("example-repo", client=clt).create(storage_namespace="<s3://storage-bucket/repos/example-repo>")
That example that's basically everything I did
But then using our own https host
My work laptop is completely locked out of alot of things so I can't copy the code :)
Strange Can you please open a bug so we can look into this?
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