I’m experimenting with `lakectl local` and ran int...
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I’m experimenting with
lakectl local
and ran into a problem during branch checkout - I first cloned my repo with -
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lakectl local clone <lakefs://tal-samples/main/>
Then, I created branch b1 on my repo, and tried to track it locally with
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lakectl local checkout . --ref b1
I’m getting the following error
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ref malformed lakefs URI
Error executing command.
Can you please help understanding the problem?
Hi @Tal Sofer you need to provide a full ref URI. e.g.
Also, please note that initally you have cloned a branch to your local env. In that case the behavior will be a bit strange since that path will always be looking at the main branch as source
Thanks @Niro. How do I check that checkout worked? is this using
lakectl local status
lakectl local list <data_path>
will provide you with the head the current path is pointing to if I remember correctly 🙂