# help

Alexey Shchedrin

12/05/2023, 2:15 PM
Thanks @Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov). I dont know, maybe it is the same issue but I did not even try to do anything beyond one simple "create repo with examples" and query "lakes.parquet". Here is the screenshot of my error:

Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov)

12/05/2023, 2:17 PM
Despite the different error message I suspect that these may have the same root cause. But obviously it's merely a guess until we can conclude our investigation. 🤷🏼

Barak Amar

12/05/2023, 5:30 PM
There error I get (and the one in the issue I got) is related to duckdb trying to read parquet (No magic bytes found at end of file...). The error in the screenshot is a bit different, and I hope it is related. The error is generated by us, when we parse invalid request. It can be related to the fact that the cached file size is different
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