Hey all, I’ve got some questions about migrating r...
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Hey all, I’ve got some questions about migrating repos between instances https://lakefs.io/blog/tutorial-migrate-or-clone-lakefs-repository/ 🧵
1. In step 3, is it possible to just sync a single repo? The aws s3 command is syncing the whole bucket
2. In step 2, can refs-dump be called multiple times? For example, I dump the refs but have to delay the migration and retry later?
3. Can this process be called multiple times if new data lands on the source repo after migrating? Or would I need to delete the target repo entirely and start over?
Hi @Jacob 1. It’s possible to sync a single repo by providing the storage namespace in which you repo resides. The
aws s3 sync
command is not limited to buckets, but can accept paths in them. So if your repo’s storage namespace is
you can use
aws s3 sync <s3://my-bucket/my-repo>
. 2. Yes. 3. Since you need a bare (clean) repository at the target repo environment, you would need to clear the target environment. Can you describe the use case for which you would need to migrate your repos?
Thanks for confirming! We need to migrate some repos to a lakefs deployment in a different cluster
@Jonathan Rosenberg will refs-dump cause any changes to the source repo if we run it but then decide not to migrate?
No It only saves a copy of the DB
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