Tongguo Pang

09/10/2023, 1:14 PM
Hi Channel, I have a question about tagging. I have a Hive Metastore point to the main branch to a deltalake database, I want to tag the current database and want to create another database in HMS to point to this tag, is there a simple way to do it? thanks for any help

Yoni Augarten

09/10/2023, 1:40 PM
Hey @Tongguo Pang! Yes, there is a way to do it. The lakectl metastore copy does just that. After creating the tag in lakeFS, run:
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lakectl metastore copy --from-schema default --from-table example_table --to-schema example_tag --to-table example_table --to-branch example_tag
You will first have to configure lakectl with metastore access. Note that this command is in the process of being deprecated, as we are working on a much better lakeFS-metastore integration.

Tongguo Pang

09/11/2023, 11:53 AM
@Yoni Augarten Thank you very much for the info. This is very much appreciated