Hi All, just a quick question on a race condition ...
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Hi All, just a quick question on a race condition that i have noticed in commits. Say i have two processes, on uploads a bunch of files that need to go into a single commit, while this process is still going, process b start uploading a set of its own files. Now these are all staged in uncommited changes. And Process A is now able to commit extra files that have been uploaded by Process B, is this something that can be avoided?
Could you have the different process upload to different ingest branches and commit and merge them together once done?
ah ok that make sense, so really uploads (uncommited changes) are not client/session based, they are identified based on the branch they target?
Generally speaking, it is good practice to work on a single branch and then merge changed atomically once done.
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You can look into the data lineage example in our samples and see a very simple example of this.