I have moved up to my next error. :slightly_smili...
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I have moved up to my next error. 🙂 Using the local storage I was able to walk through the quick start with no issues. After creating my own repository (empyrean) and connected to my ADLS storage I get an error when running executing docker exec -it lakefs lakectl config.
@Aneyshia Taylor I and @Iddo Avneri talked to you on Monday. Would you like to get on the Zoom call right now so we can address these issues you are facing? If you are busy then I can test this command and will let you know the solution.
You can also change your previous command to include container name lakefs (
--name lakefs
) so you will not get the error (
No such container: lakefs
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docker run --pull always -p 8000:8000 -e LAKEFS_BLOCKSTORE_TYPE="azure" -e LAKEFS_BLOCKSTORE_AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT="XXX" -e LAKEFS_BLOCKSTORE_AZURE_STORAGE_ACCESS_KEY="XXX" --name lakefs treeverse/lakefs run --local-settings
But delete the previous container before creating new lakefs container
is your repo name instead of container name. You can get the container name by running following command
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docker container ls
Ah thank you. I will give it a try