anyone know what's up with the python docs, before...
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anyone know what's up with the python docs, before I spend time digging into it further?
I believe @Barak Amar looked at that one.. IIRC the current version of OpenAPI code generator we use causes the generated Python docs to break formatting, and upgrading leads to the generated API itself to be backwards incompatible
@Guy Hardonag and I had a fix for the generated code/docs that fixed this one - but we had upgraded the openapi generator and the issue returned.
do you have a PR/issue to reference here? I had a quick search but didn't turn anything up
This is the original issue/fix that had on private fork that we worked with. When we saw that it was merged - we switched back to openapitools repository. We checked the above and it seems that new updates where added which reverted some of the changes and the bug manifest in some cases (ex: the above models)
Note that because of API compatibility we are using v5.x version (5.3.0) and didn't move to the latest which is based on v6.x.
Suggest we move to the latest v5.x (5.4.0) and redo our fix in a private repo.