Hi LakeFS team! I am trying to see if I can create...
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Hi LakeFS team! I am trying to see if I can create a shortcut to LakeFS in the newly released Microsoft OneLake. OneLake allows to create shortcuts to S3 buckets: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/fabric/onelake/create-s3-shortcut However I am getting an error when I try to set it up, I think it might be because it maybe supports only AWS URLs and not custom S3 endpoints (see screenshot attached)? Or maybe it's trying to access an endpoint of the S3 REST API that is not implemented in LakeFS' S3 gateway? Has anyone managed to make it work? Can you think of any way I can make the OneLake shortcut connect to LakeFS or do we need to wait for Microsoft to support for non-AWS URLs? Error I get is:
Error message = Unable to complete ValidateIfS3PathIsNotPointingToFileAsync due to AmazonS3Exception
Hi Miguel, I think you got it right. The Shortcut only supports S3 bucket, they made sure of that when they limited the S3 URL to AWS buckets.