is the release process documented somewhere? we ne...
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is the release process documented somewhere? we need to update it to include the new build & publish of the
Docker image and reference in docs quickstart each time. I'd like to help towards this where possible, but not sure where to start 🙂 (at the moment there is no
, only for 0.100)
yes, on dev repository
but it should be part of the automatic release process. not manual one, right?
yes, it should be automated
I've found the checklist now, thanks Barak.
does it sound ok to: 1. Create an issue to get the automation created 2. update the release checklist to note that until automated, it needs doing manually
This is the issue that we require for 1? About 2 - yes, will require the steps to publish the +duckdb image
Question - do we build the image for all target architectures we currently build lakefs? DRAFT! this one will automate the build.
Think this is the preferred way that will automate the release and split the build. Pending testing before moving out of draft for review
great, thanks @Barak Amar
is there a clever way to automate the reference to the image version in the docs?
we can label the latest as duckdb
so something like
yes. or just duckdb
👍 would you be ok to make this change? I can then update the quickstart doc
left the keyboard. can open an issue I will add it to the next release process. and check how to retag the current release until tomorrow
no worries - I'll open an issue
thanks @Barak Amar