05/22/2023, 2:56 PM
lakeFS v0.101.0 released šŸ“¦ This release requires running database migration. The lakeFS service will not run if the migration version isn't compatible with the binary. Before running the new version you will be required to run migrate (
lakefs migrate up
), with the new version. While running the migration, it is prohibited to perform any changes in Auth Policies šŸ†• What's new: ā€¢ Refactor import (#5840) ā—¦ New API endpoint introduced ā—¦ Support import from multiple sources and import of single objects: example ā€¢ Deprecate ingest command (#5882) ā€¢ Support TLS for lakeFS local development (#5322) ā€¢ Generate JWT while working with auth API when non is configured (#5894) ā€¢ Remove email authenticator middleware (#5884) šŸ› Bugs fixed: ā€¢ Fix UI rename Error control to AlertError fixing conflict with class (#5907) ā€¢ Fix loading metadata cache with path separator prefix (#5922) ā€¢ Fix database setup for non-external mode (#5860)
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