I'm looking at the `Dockerfile` and not being tota...
# dev
I'm looking at the
and not being totally familiar with them beyond the basics wondered if the duplication of some of these lines is deliberate and if so what purpose it serves? Thanks.
```EXPOSE 8000/tcp
# Setup user
RUN addgroup -S lakefs && adduser -S lakefs -G lakefs
USER lakefs
WORKDIR /home/lakefs
ENTRYPOINT ["/app/lakefs"]
CMD ["run"]```
I'm planning a PR on the file so will submit a second one to tidy things up, if necessary
I believe that they build 2 different Docker images. That way you can get a smaller image without the delta-diff plugin. These lines relate actually to running the image, so we probably do need both of them. @Jonathan Rosenberg is probably the expert here.
ah right. from what I'd read I thought it was one image but with different layers. but I am very new to complex dockerfiles 🙂
ok nm, I RTFM'd and am now caught up 😄