Adi Polak

04/17/2023, 2:06 PM
An interesting perspective (Big Data Is Dead… Long Live Big Data) on the “_Big Data is Dead_” debate (started in this post by Jordan Tigani) where the author(Aditya Parameswaran, Berkeley) fact-checks Tigani’s claims: 🟥Claim 1: NoSQL systems for OLAP are stagnating relative to traditional data management systems. Rating: Partially True :large_orange_square:Claim 2: Most people don’t have that much data. Rating: Misleading Claim 3: There is a bias in favor of storage in the separation of storage and compute: as storage grows, compute stays fixed. Rating: Misleading :large_yellow_square:Claim 4: Most historical data is rarely queried. Rating: Partially True :large_green_square:Claim 5: The big data frontier keeps receding. Rating: Partially true :large_blue_square:Claim 6: Data is a liability. Rating: Mostly untrue 💡*Bottom line:* *“*Most organizations that collect data have needs that range from small to big data sizes, and from small to large compute requirements — on a day-to-day and query-to-query basis” And the job of an infra tool builder is to optimize getting insights from data, no matter its size. Do you agree with that? 🤔