Guy Hardonag

04/05/2023, 12:33 PM
lakeFS v0.98.0 released! This version requires migration when upgrading from a previous version! Refer to the Upgrade documentation for more information 🆕 What’s new: • change authorization from RBAC to ACL (#5338) • Notify new lakefs version in lakectl and Web UI (#5608) • Added code highlighting for markdown code blocks + prettier formatting (#5590) • Preview Build and Check links for any doc PRs (#5601) • Bump Java version in SBT (#5615) • Safer fs for config in HadoopFS (#5602) • Added support for Azure service principal (#5549) 🐛 Bugs fixed: • Fix adls import (#5625) lakeFS Access Control Lists (ACLs) Access control lists (ACLs) are one of the resource-based options that you can use to manage access to your repositories and objects. There are limits to managing permissions using ACLs.
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