I was Googling for something and landed on `<https...
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I was Googling for something and landed on
which seems to be a stale page based on the current nav that you see at docs.lakeFS.io root. a) Should I add a
to catch this and subpages on
? b) Should we be deleting stale pages from our docs site so that users get a 404 (and Google un-indexes them) than having this situation where nothing's "broken" but users see stale pages and a confusing nav that changes depending on which page you're on. (am I right to think it's GitHub Pages hosted with this as the relevant page in this case? https://github.com/treeverse/docs-lakeFS/tree/main/setup)
It's a bug on our doc deployment actually - when we delete a page, it's not really deleted from https://github.com/treeverse/docs-lakeFS. So redirects will not catch it, because this page technically does exist. For now I will delete it from the repo and let's see what happens.
Generally, we should delete these pages and replace them with redirects to other pages that are relevant, so existing links are not broken.
Update: so after deleting the page, I get a 404. We can leave it like this and let Google un-index it, or add the redirect as you suggested. If you choose the redirect, ideally it should catch any URL under the "/setup" path, e.g. "setup/create_repo.html".
thanks @Yoni Augarten
tomorrow I'll maybe do a diff between a fresh build and the current docs deployment repo and see if there's much else to flush out
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