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    2 weeks ago
    Hello. I'm running lakeFS using everything bagel and run into this error:
    HTTPConnectionPool(host='localhost', port=8000): Max retries exceeded with url: /api/v1/repositories/example/branches (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x7fc728391760>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused'))
    From the jupyter notebook that comes with everything bagel, I'm calling list_branches(), which results in this error. What am I missing? I'm able to access the lakeFS UI though.
    Barak Amar
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  • 张飞跃

    4 weeks ago
    lakeFS works well with iceberg?according to this article:https://docs.lakefs.io/understand/roadmap.html#table-format-support,it seems that lakeFS intergrating with iceberg not ok。 @Ariel Shaqed (Scolnicov)
    Jonathan Rosenberg
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    Hugh Nolan

    1 week ago
    hey, question using the python lakefs_client package I'm getting an error
    ApiTypeError: Invalid type for variable 'received_data'. Required value type is ObjectErrorList and passed type was str at ['received_data']
    using the
    call. Despite the error, I can see my files are deleted. Diving in, it looks like the HTTP response received is an empty string, with a 204 header. This appears to be correct according to the API - https://docs.lakefs.io/reference/api.html#/objects/deleteObjects I seem to be getting a valid response here so I'm hoping I'm not doing something wrong? but the autogenerated API only seems to know about the ObjectErrorList which comes with a 200 header:
    self.delete_objects_endpoint = _Endpoint(
                    'response_type': (ObjectErrorList, ),
                    'auth': [
                    'endpoint_path': '/repositories/{repository}/branches/{branch}/objects/delete',
                    'operation_id': 'delete_objects',
                    'http_method': 'POST',
                    'servers': None,
    Is this a bug (and where should I report if so), or am I doing something wrong?
    Barak Amar
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    Robin Moffatt

    1 week ago
    I’m completely new to LakeFS, and working my way through this blog. (I’m also new to Trino, so I don’t know if that’s complicating matters) I’m a bit puzzled/stuck on this step, where after creating a branch I create a new table:
    CREATE TABLE s3.tiny_v2.orders (
      orderkey bigint,
      custkey bigint,
      orderstatus varchar(1),
      totalprice double,
      orderdate date,
      orderpriority varchar(15),
      clerk varchar(15),
      shippriority integer,
      comment varchar(79)
      ) WITH (
        external_location = '<s3a://example/main/tiny_v2/orders>',
        format = 'ORC'
    My questions so far:1. If the Trino schema has a location
    location = '<s3a://example/v2/tiny>'
    then why is the external location for the table still under
    external_location = '<s3a://example/main/tiny_v2/orders>'
    ) ? 2. What should I see as a result of creating this if it does work? In my head I’m expecting, since it’s a branch off main, to see 15k records, is that right?
    trino:> select count(*) from s3.tiny.orders;
    (1 row)
    trino:> select count(*) from s3.tiny_v2.orders;
    (1 row)
    TIA 🙂
    Guy Hardonag
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  • Guy Hardonag

    Guy Hardonag

    1 week ago
    Welcome back 😄 As far as I know the first error has nothing todo with lakeFS, writing without overwrite to an existing should fail. Looking into to the second error… will be back with an answer today
    Guy Hardonag
    Iddo Avneri
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    venkadesan elangovan

    1 day ago
    I'm attempting to use the api to download files from LakeFs (/api/v1/repositories/rep name/refs/main/objects?path/). But I can't seem to download the files. We have folders within the main repo, and each folder contains many part files with.parquet extensions. I can download each part file by specifying the file name (for example, api/v1/repositories/rep name/refs/main/objects?path/part filename.parquet). But I'd like to download all of the files in the folder. Could you assist me with this request? Is there anything I missed in the API call?
    Barak Amar
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